A flower fundraiser is a great way to generate funds for your specific organization. Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies in the United States and no one can resist filling their yard and homes with our mums, and Poinsettias.

Wiethop Greenhouses Inc. is proud to offer your organization a fundraiser that is easy to organize and has better potential for profit than most other fundraisers. We have been helping St Louis Area organizations cultivate successful fundraisers for over 10 years with all proceeds staying within our community. 


Why Should I Do a “Green” Fundraiser?

  • Plants are a unique and healthier alternative to overdone options like cookies, candies and wrapping paper and can produce much higher profit margins
  • Unlike junk food, plants simply last longer (especially if you like candy like I do).  Your customers can enjoy their purchases for quite some time.
  • No upfront costs and minimal communication required
  • Delivery is available at an additional fee if requested
  • You set your selling price, allowing you the flexibility to generate more profit
  • All plants are grown at our West St Louis County location, so all proceeds stay within our community.


Plant Sales 

The way our plant fundraisers work is: We sell our plants to you at a discount and you get the profit after you sell them.

“Pre-Sell” Plant Sale:  Your organization goes out and sells those items before the items are delivered. Once you have finalized your sales, submit your order by the due date with a requested delivery/pick-up date. You decide when your customers pay, but we must receive payment for the plants before or upon pick-up/delivery. 



Each September after Labor Day, we sell 9 inch pot Hardy Mums for fundraisers. Our Mums are the perennial garden variety so they will return year after year under normal conditions.  

 We offer Red, White, Purple, Yellow, and Orange Mums.  All varieties are subject to availability.  


(Typical) 9 Inch Mum Dimensions:




6.25" ~12" - 16" ~14" - 16"




 Starting the Friday after Thanksgiving, we begin selling Poinsettias for the holiday.  Poinsettias are an important asset to any decorative display, whether at your home or church.