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Long before there were suburbs in southwest St. Louis County there were farms. Today Barrett Station Road whizzes with commuter traffic, but in January 1924 it was a dirt road that an early thaw could turn into a treacherous mire. The inserted sign shows where Wiethop Greenhouses currently stands. The rock house in the upper right remains today just northeast of the greenhouses.


Here is a recent aerial view of Wiethop Greenhouse on Barrett Station Road. This is quite a change from the corn fields that existed in the photo on the left.

Wiethop Greenhouses, Inc. is a family owned plant farm. Wiethop Greenhouses consists of three acres of greenhouses at two locations. The original location is at 6129 Lemay Ferry Road, and the larger newer location is at 2463 Barrett Station Road.  Both locations are fully functioning production greenhouses that we open seasonally to the public for retail sales.

Wiethop Greenhouses, Inc. grows a wide assortment of plant material for the St. Louis area.  In the fall we have mums, pansies, flowering cabbage, flowering kale, and perennials.  At the Christmas holiday we have poinsettias in all sizes and colors.  In the spring we grow an extensive assortment of garden flowers, hanging baskets, perennials, patio planters, tropical plants, and vegetable plants.

At Wiethop Greenhouses we start our plants from seed, cuttings, or small plugs.  We are in control of the plant growth from start to finish. Therefore the plants are of greater quality, and better acclimated to the St. Louis environment.  Our customers are able to select their plants directly from our greenhouses and they have a large amount of the same variety of plants to pick from.

Although we grow the majority of the plants we sell, we also purchase some from the finest growers around.

Our goal at Wiethop Greenhouses, Inc. is to supply the highest quality plants, at a reasonable price.

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Our South County Store in September