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We grow over 20,000 Mums at our greenhouse on Barrett Station Rd.  With 21 different varieties of hardy mum, you can be sure that we will have your favorite color.

We sell Mums in 4 inch, Gallon, 9 inch, and 13 inch sized pots. We also sell them in 8 inch hanging baskets.


The Chrysanthemums that we carry are hardy perennial varieties. That means that they may return back up the next Spring if certain conditions are met.

If you would like them to bloom next Spring, follow these steps.

Hardy Mums MUST be planted in the ground if you want them to regrow. They will not come back if left in their pot.

Plant the Garden Mum in the ground as deep as the pot about 12 to 18 inches from the other plants in the bed. The green bottom leaves should be nearly touching the dirt. The soil that you use to plant them does not matter much. A light peat based soil is what we use, because it does not hold much moisture which water logs the roots. However, give your newly planted Mums plenty of water the first couple weeks to help it adapt to its new surroundings.

Fertilizing is NOT NECESSARY after planting. Fertilizing encourages blooming, so fertilizing a blooming Mum would not be benefitial. Fertilizer can also burn the roots if the weather is dry or overly wet.

In order to survive the winter, you must prevent the roots from freezing, meaning it is best to plant Mums in your garden as soon as possible. If the roots are not established deep in the soil before the first frost, they may freeze and die.

When the Mum stops blooming or dies in the winter, it is time to insulate the roots. Cover the ground with a thin layer of wood chips, mulch, or tree leaves. If you choose to use mulch, be careful not to smother the plant. Thick mulch makes it difficult for the new growth to pass through on its way up. Likewise, we don’t recommend cleaning off the dead brush from the plant because it adds more insulation.

Do not forget to keep the soil semi-moist during the Winter.

When you first see green growth in the Spring, clear out the insulation and dead brush. Also, begin lightly fertilizing the Mum weekly with a water-soluble fertilizer. Keep the soil moist and pinch off all buds and shoots as they develop. The plant should be kept around 6 inches or so tall. Continually trim and disbud the mums until EARLY JULY to create a sturdy mum with round habit and loads of blooms.

Continue fertilizing until the Mum begins to bloom.